Get to know Brian Mobbs from Everclad and learn how he’s creating a more humanised construction firm and how he’s successfully leading the way with VIDEO MARKETING.

Brian Mobbs is the CEO of Everclad–the leading supplier of custom aluminum and glass facades for the residential and commercial sectors across New South Wales. He started his career on construction dating back to 2010 before starting his own construction firm three years ago.

What challenges does the construction industry face as startup business?


There have been a lot of issues that surfaced on media that hit the construction industry badly. These include the structural failure of the Opal Tower and the fire at Grenfell Tower. As a result, CREDIBILITY has been the main challenge for new construction businesses.

There are lots of marketing options to tap to address this challenge but for Brian Mobbs…..

“You have to weigh out the different mediums of marketing to establish the most amount of credibility in the shortest period of time. So how do you do that? Well, my belief is through video.


Let’s have look at the COMPANY PROFILE video of Everclad.



What was it like presenting on camera?

Brian Mobbs finds the whole process exciting. They vetted for a number of different video marketing companies as they wanted to portray credibility and show their authenticity through video.

People have commented that Brian has been an absolute star on their video but what’s funny is that the first time he stood up and presented on camera was totally different. WHO ISN’T TERRIFIED PRESENTING ON CAMERA THE FIRST TIME?

It is not just about switching the camera and start presenting. It is a process. A process that has been getting results for years now. Talking about Brian’s experience he shared that…

“The thing that we really liked about working with you guys is you really enabled us to show authenticity by the way that you structured the videos. Your ability to walk me through that really shows with the end result.”

Why is humanising your business so important?

There’s a lot of skepticism around the video marketing industry whether to personalise or not to personalise that sometimes drives lots of business investing in explainer animated videos. Indeed, it is an easy way out from the awkward camera presentation. Saves you time? Yes! But it is critical to do effective and efficient videos. As what Brian said:

“It’s really relevant to point out that typically people do business with people they TRUST. It’s very hard to trust someone through an animated video series. It’s much easier to be able to portray who you are and what you’re about, your values through a medium like video. So that’s, that’s why I believe it’s just such a powerful tool.”

In addition, there’s this great quote that says something like 90% of your audience has already made a decision about you before they’ve picked up the phone and called you. All of these things that are happening and there’s a lot of businesses that are saying “Oh, we’re looking at our website doesn’t do anything” But people are intrinsical snoops. They are looking for faces in that recognition process. People still buy from people. And so, humanising businesses in this landscape is even more prevalent and it is even more important too, to make sure that you’re engaging them at every different step in a learning environment that they’re accustomed to. So not all people are going to read, not all people are going to watch video, but if you can have a diversified approach to your marketing, hopefully, you attract the right people along the way.

What do you think video really solves for your business?

Arguably, video is the most powerful marketing tool but it isn’t just about posting it. The importance of amplification and recycling and continually putting it in front of people in a multitude of different ways is crucial. So to get real ROI on the video, you need to get it absolutely everywhere! It doesn’t end by posting it on your website or on your LinkedIn profile. It needs to be in every platform as possible. Have it on your website, Linkedln, Facebook, and even on your email signature and place a big play button that will direct to your landing page.

Brian also adds that receiving excellent feedback from various people from different industries solidified his credibility. That’s just for one video. More importantly, it has led them to come up with a strategy to continue with video marketing as a primary means of marketing for their business.


There is a growing trend of ‘Video Marketing’ but where start? Shoot, produce, campaign strategy and what about implementation? The learning gap is vast and most people obsess over ‘how’ they should be producing video content instead of ‘why’ they should be producing videos. ‘Video Legend’ explores the emotional connection of video that ultimately leads to positive outcomes for small to medium-sized businesses. Outcomes that result in their audience thinking differently about their brand, product or service, and actual connecting and taking action. This podcast aims to explore the life of content after video production and what it has done for growing businesses.

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