Get to know Jimmy Singh from Criminal Defence Lawyers Australia® and learn how he’s creating a more humanised legal firm and how he’s successfully leading the way with VIDEO MARKETING.

Jimmy Singh is the principal lawyer at Criminal Defence Lawyers Australia® or CDLA. With over 30 years experience, CDLA are exclusively amongst the top senior criminal lawyers in Australia holding an exceptional track record of successfully getting charges dropped early, securing section 10 non convictions, and not guilty verdicts across all Local, District and Supreme Courts in Australia.

What challenges are you faced with as a start-up business?


As highly respected experts in criminal law, CDLA has appeared and featured in popular television, radio talkback shows, and newspaper articles for their opinions on the law. They have secured exceptional results in some of Australia’s most complex and high profile cases over the years. Although the challenge according to Jimmy, “I’ve been doing this for over 10 years, but in business, I’ve only been in for about three years now. It’s very different moving from being just a practicing solicitor lawyer to be a practicing lawyer and running a business at the same time. I’ve found VIDEO MARKETING as a huge opportunity for people to be able to tap into and if they do it the right way, to really build yourself a strong brand and trust, and get a message across is the most efficient and quickest way to people.”

Let’s have look at the COMPANY PROFILE video of CDLA.


What was it like presenting on camera?


It is important that you would be able to deliver your message and show empathy and trust through the lens but it could be tough when presenting on your first time. No one is immune from nerves when presenting! Jimmy’s experience is also the same but he was able to overcome it and he shared that “It’s very different presenting before magistrates and judges. I can tell you that. I learn a lot throughout the way. Chris taught me a lot throughout that whole process, so, and I’ve taken that on board to try to do it on my own as well, to provide that kind of information to people in the most efficient way, which is video. And that’s something I’ve learned how to do a lot of from Chris.”

Why is showing empathy in a video so important to you?


There’s a lot of skepticism around the video marketing industry whether to personalise or not to personalise that sometimes drives lots of business investing in explainer animated videos. Indeed, it is an easy way out from the awkward camera presentation. Saves you time? Yes! But it is critical to do effective and efficient videos. As what what Jimmy said:

“Essentially you need to be able to build trust. Without building a trust that yes, we have the experience, we have the human emotion to give you that attention to detail and we are here to listen to what you have to say is very, very important to be able to build that trust. And in that process you build a brand as well, that people trust. So video is probably the, I think, the most efficient way of doing that. So that’s why I think video is very important and it’s the next, it’s, it’s something that all businesses should be tapping into, but tapping into in the right way.”

In addition, there’s this great quote that says something like 90% of your audience has already made a decision about you before they’ve picked up the phone and called you. All of these things that are happening and there’s a lot of businesses that are saying “Oh, we’re looking at our website doesn’t do anything” But people are intrinsically snoops. They are looking for faces in that recognition process. People still buy from people. And so, humanising businesses in this landscape is even more prevalent and it is even more important too, to make sure that you’re engaging them at every different step in a learning environment that they’re accustomed to. So not all people are going to read, not all people are going to watch video, but if you can have a diversified approach to your marketing, hopefully you attract right people along the way.

What do you think video really solves for your business?


The point of going onto video for me is to build a brand and communicate something for free. So provide legal information for free to people that’s relevant to those people seeking it. If those people get that information in, if it’s done effectively, they’re going to want to stick around. For example, on your website, they’re going to want to stick around on that page that they’re seeing or they want to, if they see it on YouTube or if they see it on social media, it’s going to build a brand. It’s going to build a standard of professionalism. I think that really goes a long way in helping furthering that career in your profession, whether it’s being a lawyer or whether it’s being whatever profession you want to you’re into.

Jimmy also adds that the receiving excellent feedback from various people from different industries solidified his credibility. That’s just for one video. More importantly, it has led them to come up with a strategy to continue with video marketing as a primary means of marketing for theur business.




There is a growing trend of ‘Video Marketing’ but where start? Shoot, produce, campaign strategy and what about implementation? The learning gap is vast and most people obsess over ‘how’ they should be producing video content instead of ‘why’ they should be producing videos. ‘Video Legend’ explores the emotional connection of video that ultimately leads to positive outcomes for small to medium-sized businesses. Outcomes that result in their audience thinking differently about their brand, product or service, and actual connecting and taking action. This podcast aims to explore the life of content after video production and what it has done for growing businesses.

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