Get to know Simon Chan from Fortune Village Chinese Restaurant and learn how he’s using videos to attract new customers and how he’s successfully leading the way with VIDEO MARKETING.

Simon and his team pride themselves as being a cut above your “local” Chinese restaurant, serving great, reliable Chinese food. Fortune Village Chinese Restaurant was established in 1981 and continues to provide local and international diners with fond, memorable dining experiences. It is also consistently rated on Trip advisors Top 10 Restaurants in Sydney and also with a Google ranking of 4.5 out of 5.

How’s the internet playing a role now in the food ordering process?


The Internet has been part of our life now. Gone are the days now where you use a phonebook coming. The phonebook doesn’t even exist anymore. It’s important for you to have, first, a good website that is concise, but attractive as well. It’s good too because all your competitors have got the same thing. It’s good for you to have something a little bit different to capture the eye of the diner. I mean, the diner basically hasn’t got much time to shop around. I just want to see everything fast and know the information about your restaurant fast. So you know, video marketing has been a good thing for our business.

A facelift or rebranding on the restaurant’s website, orchestrated by Martin Liu from Design Fox combined with video marketing strategy, gave a different vibe that makes it makes it a family-type business that you would feel comfortable dining in with.

Click here to see the home page of Fortune Village Chinese Restaurant.

What are the challenges and with all of the marketing options, why video?


I wouldn’t say strategy, but we try to have a repeat customer because having a repeat customer is much better than having a new customer every day. But the world changes. So you do need new customers and if you are not sure how to go out to the world and expose your business on what I call the modern world with internet and with VIDEO it would be a minefield. So it’s good to have good advice on how to do that because a video is not just a video.

What do the customers say about Simon and Fortune Village?


How does the video transpire in terms of actual experience within the restaurant?


We’re not saying we are the best Chinese restaurant. What we’re saying in those videos is what you’re gonna get. Good friendly service. When you come in, whether you’re a repeat customer that’s come back once or twice and I recognize you. It’s a friendly hello rather than a formal hello. That’s how we base our business on. You know, a lot of people would just come down to the restaurant because they want to have a party or they want to have a business meeting or they want to go a little bit more casual, but they know that we can adjust to what their needs are.

Watch below the other videos we produced for Fortune Village Chinese Restaurant. 




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