Get to know Matt Barnett from Bonjoro as he gives us his perspective on creating and growing a more humanised business using videos.

Matt Barnett is the PAPA BEAR of the weird and wonderful team of Bonjoro who are based in Texas, London, and Sydney

Bonjoro is building the world’s first Customer Delight platform to help great teams build real relationships with their customers at scale. Since their launch since 2017 Over 15,000 companies have already used Bonjoro across the world have been using it.

What is Bonjoro?

Bonjoro prides itself with automating the process but never the relationships. It also boosts customer engagement with perfectly timed personal videos to spark meaningful conversations and powerful, lasting relationships with their customers.

How do you think perfectly timed videos boost customer engagement?

The video shows who you are. It strips back the walls and shows transparency of the people behind the business. Do they want to work with you, can they trust you? But the very fact that you’re stopping for a minute of your day and saying, Hey Susie, I saw you just got in touch. Warren’s just stop on my day. It’s kind of excellence and customer service. Video’s amazing because it shows who you are. You can’t hide like it’s, it’s the real deal.

What is Bonjoro’s video funnel?

A marketing funnel is a procedure you take customers from the first point of contact to the last point of contact. Generally, you’ll have leads coming in at the top and these are inquiries with your websites. So this funnel is a complete customer journey. We talk about video in this because it there are points on that customer journey when it makes sense to use different types of communication and different types of content to try to engage those users and get them to take the next step. So first time inquiries come in your spawn with a video straight away and you’re like, here we are showing who the team is, showing them that you care.

There are other points of funnels where different types of video content make sense. You may want to show a high definition video where you show your team, your company, and your unique selling points. If you do a good process of that, that leads to things like people doing referrals and testimonials and talking more about a business outcome.

How does personalising your videos get you to close more deals?

Nurturing leads, thanking buyers, onboarding new customers, checking in with clients. These are all things that are great applications for Bonjoro. I think anybody that has ever received a video that is just for you, that has all the main elements that you can identify very quickly, that it is designed specifically for you by your name, your business, your company, the fact that you’ve just done something like sign up, for instance, is fascinating. These are all such crucial elements in your brain getting all excited by the feeling of an immense amount of human gratitude, empathy, understanding, and connectedness. Once you go through that process, it will definitely change the conversations that you’re having with your business.

As what Matt said “People say, I don’t have the time to send a video to every lead, every customer that comes through and to ask what my response is, if you don’t have a minute spend on the customer, you probably don’t deserve that customer. In terms of doing the live video, just be yourself. People appreciate it more because it’s transparent and trustworthy.”


There is a growing trend of ‘Video Marketing’ but where start? Shoot, produce, campaign strategy and what about implementation? The learning gap is vast and most people obsess over ‘how’ they should be producing video content instead of ‘why’ they should be producing videos. ‘Video Legend’ explores the emotional connection of video that ultimately leads to positive outcomes for small to medium-sized businesses. Outcomes that result in their audience thinking differently about their brand, product or service, and actual connecting and taking action. This podcast aims to explore the life of content after video production and what it has done for growing businesses.

Hosted by Chris Schwager and Brendan Southall from Ridge Films.

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