Get to know Jay Anderson from Jay Anderson Property. He’s a buyer’s agent, property buyer’s agent and he will discuss news and trends and insights and show you ways you can get your business visible to the world

Jay Anderson first entered the Australian property market in 2010. He made his mission to learn everything about being a highly successful property investor and has now amassed a multi-million dollar personal property portfolio Australia-wide. He’ll research, negotiate & secure residential & commercial property on behalf of first-timers and busy professionals.

What are the impacts of the pandemic into the industry?


We basically research and identify high -performing investment properties in emerging markets right around the country. Obviously, with the corona virus, happening at the moment, it certainly has scared quite a few people. We don’t think that can have a direct impact on property as such. It’s impact is more going to have on the economy and then the flow-on effect to that. There’s certainly a lot we can do to mitigate any risk around that side.

Why property is the most valuable asset you’ll ever purchase?


People tend to go to things that are of comfort or something that they know about. Typically, DIY investors will buy in one of three areas, either a local area they live in because they are comfortable. They feel like they know it. Second, the area where they’ve got family or where they grew up. Again, it’s within that comfort zone. The worst of the three is an area where they’ve been on holiday.

A lot of the times they end up being poor investments. It scares them because they don’t get the results they want.  What tends to happen with these DIY investors is they rush into buying a property in one of these three areas. They start researching it after they’ve actually purchased it. Rather than doing all the research and due diligence before they’re making a decision. They’re buying it having a bit of buyer’s remorse and then researching about it by that, but at that point, it’s too late.

What’s the problem that you face in business?


There’s just under 400 buyer’s agents in Australia. There’s not a lot of Australians who actually know what a buyer’s agent is and what we really do compared that to the US. Nearly 86% of all property transactions in the US are done through a buyer’s agent. So a lot of the hurdles that I need to get over in the beginning when I meet a potential client is just explaining who we are, what we do, and what value we can provide. Doing the video that I did with you guys was one of those big steps and being able to deliver that message in a clear and concise way.


How important is it to get clarity of that message really early on?


A lot of the times when I’m explaining what I’m doing, I might get quite technical in what I’m explaining. As soon as you start getting technical or getting talking about things that people might not understand it goes straight over their head. You certainly helped me bring it down and be able to communicate what I do in an easy to understand way.

How do you believe videos help you avoid being transactional?

I’m a firm believer that people connect and do business with a person and not a brand or nor a company. I want to really get that message across. I guess who I am, and my background and the beliefs that I have and what I deliver with my business, rather than it being a very transactional sign up with us. This is what how much money will make. I didn’t want to do any of that. It’s about connecting with the person and showing what value I can actually bring and provide. 



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