How To Use Pre-Recorded Videos To Create Slick Virtual Events with Sian Jenkins (Ep. 27 – Part 2/2)

by | Sep 30, 2020 | Podcasts

It’s a new world for business and one of the massive changes especially in marketing is the way we engage with people. In this episode, we’re joined by Sian Jenkins, the marketing director ANZ of Genesys, as she gives her insights on the utilisation of pre-recorded videos in virtual events.

Sian has 14 years of experience in developing, executing, and analysing B2B marketing strategies across a broad spectrum of industries. This year, Genesys ANZ hosted its first-ever virtual flagship customer event — G Summit.

“Doing a 45-minute keynote presentation doesn’t translate well in a virtual event. Clearly, it’s not how we consume digital content. We knew that we need to make sessions shorter and we have a lot less time to convey the messages. To engage people, we need to up our game in the actual production stakes. That’s why we decided we definitely wanted to work with a company like you guys to help us do that.”


Here’s what you can learn from the episode:

  • Engagement level on virtual events
  • What looks good VS what doesn’t
  • Feedback from the audience
  • Q&A – Promoting a virtual event
  • Q&A – Pre-recorded and live videos
  • Tips for organising virtual events

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