Is Video Scripting Any Good? With Chris Schwager (Ep. 28)

by | Oct 8, 2020 | Podcasts

Discover why you need to need to start investing more time scripting your video rather than simply switching on the camera and filming.

In this ‘Video Marketing Legend’ (Quickie) Chris Schwager (Video Marketer from Ridge Films) will help you understand the importance of video scripting and why you need to start scripting if you want to utilise the full potential of video.


Here’s what you can learn from the episode:

  • Ways you can get your message to your market
  • Getting business done with personalised videos
  • Key tasks in the scripting phase
  • Free script template from our Video Marketing Workshop

Links and Resources

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  • Learn how to produce quality videos with ease, speed, and scale with our DIY Video Program
  • Register for our video marketing workshop to learn how to leverage engaging videos for your company’s website, social and offline channels.

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