Financial News Video To Nurture Clients

Consolidate your clients education and help important information finally sink in. Replace slow boring processes using videos. A simple Financial News Video is a smart and engaging way clients can watch you once or twice or as many times as they want learn the concept you’re trying to get accross. View Case Study


Financial News Video Interview with Certified Financial Planner, Lyle Greig from Bridges Financial Services. View Case Study

Financial Advisor Videos

Engage Leads Using Financial Advisor Videos

You can't beat punchy 30-second financial advisor videos to get your messages across, they're essentially video business cards, but way less boring. Watch Interview

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Financial News Video To Nurture Clients

Anybody can watch you as many times as they want to get the concept using your financial news video. Watch Interview

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Retention Using DIY Market Updates

There is always a juggle between getting good quality technical information out and trying to keep the client entertained. Watch Interview

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What Clients Say

“Ridge Films came in on a short notice request to film a global specialist. This was interviewing the specialist on a serious topic that is not sexy. Ridge understood this was beyond the usual script composition, however worked tirelessly to make four short videos and cut them to continue engagement with the audience. We worked together to keep within edit agreements and budget. Ridge were amazing. This is the second time I have worked with them and they delivered perfectly.”

Jay Craig

National Marketing Manager, Jardine Lloyd Thompson Pty Ltd

“Great professional and amazing experience. I really appreciate the way Chris and the team handled a process and area that is out of my comfort zone. Ridge Films have a very solid approach to make you deliver wonderful outcomes.”

Scott Douglas

Director, Wealth Specialist, IMFG

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