Financial Planning Videos

Watch how finance and invest videos improved sales and marketing activity in this financial planner case study.


Personal Connection / Trust

Improved touch points & conversion.


Qualified / Nurtured Leads

Prospects are better informed before sale.


Up-Sell Opportunities

Awareness & education of available products.

See how Lyle uses his invest videos

Watch interviews, and learn from Lyle’s experience using invest videos across his marketing.

Financial Advisor Videos

Engage Leads Using Financial Advisor Videos

You can't beat punchy 30-second financial advisor videos to get your messages across, they're essentially video business cards, but way less boring. Watch Interview

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Financial News Video To Nurture Clients

Anybody can watch you as many times as they want to get the concept using your financial news video. Watch Interview

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Retention Using DIY Market Updates

There is always a juggle between getting good quality technical information out and trying to keep the client entertained. Watch Interview

Video Marketing Strategy


Awareness Videos


Prospect Nurture Videos


Client Nurture Videos


Market Commentary / Retention

We Rethought Everything


Video Script Writing

We collaborated on the invest videos script to use an authentic language and stay on message.

On Camera Training

Lyle was able to better connect to his viewers after learning skills of a professional presenter.

Video Implementation

We streamlined the delivery of content, using valuable tools that easily displayed his videos online.

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The Challenge

Like a lot of business, understanding how to communicate in a way that is helpful, conversational and compliant, is part of Lyle’s journey. A few years ago, Lyle saw the opportunity to differentiate his marketing by delivering informative, helpful and consistent invest videos to his leads, prospects and clients. Nobody else was doing using finance videos. However, the biggest challenge was not the content creation or understanding the type of invest videos, but finding the right delivery mechanism to broadcast his finance videos. When was the right time and how would they see it?

The Solution

In a very short period of time, we showed Lyle how, when and where he should use his finance videos. Creating genuine advocacy of the business is more about timing, messaging, and relevance than delivering it inside a flashy website. The goal of Lyle’s invest videos is to clearly inform clients, remove confusion and frustration, and make correct decisions about his products and services, every time. By personalising his invest videos, it gave Lyle the leverage to cross, up and down sell new opportunities by being in front of them (virtually), and informing them of other offerings. Watch video interviews from financial planning case studies.

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