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    • Your next client believes what your existing clients say about you
    • Remove any doubt in your buyer?s decision
    • Great for sales meetings, company pages, and websites

    A Company Testimonial video such as this food & beverages example for HACCP, consists of stories from happy clients filmed ideally at their place of business, who are interviewed on their overarching experience using the company.

    • Demonstrate your companies capabilities
    • Introduce your company and how it helps, in 60 second
    • For email signatures, presentations and websites

    A company profile video is the ultimate video business card. For HACCP it’s a unique and versatile way to spark interest in their food/beverage company in a human and creative way.

    • Build confidence and improve lead quality
    • Reduce objections to your service
    • Great for social media, blogs, email campaigns, and website

    A Service Overview Video, as seen in this example by HACCP quickly demonstrates what your service is, why your clients need it and what the usage is, in less than 90 seconds.