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    • Provide social proof to deliver the right outcomes
    • Buyer’s identify through real human stories that prove your worth
    • Great for sales meetings, social media, emails, and website

    This Ingogo Client Case Study video for the transportation sector, identifies with prospects through real human stories, that prove their worth and show how they have helped others.

    • Start a superior buyer journey by being genuine
    • Remove stereotypes of your profession
    • Great for ‘About’ website pages

    Story Time videos show that you are in fact, human. Chelsea from Gidget Foundation (a non-profit organisation) shares her personal story, thoughts and opinions of why she does what she is passionate about.

    • Your next client believes what your existing clients say about you
    • Remove any doubt in your buyer?s decision
    • Great for sales meetings, company pages, and websites

    A Company Testimonial video such as this food & beverages example for HACCP, consists of stories from happy clients filmed ideally at their place of business, who are interviewed on their overarching experience using the company.

    • Reuse and repurpose existing videos
    • Improve brand awareness
    • Use in paid video advertising

    Social Media videos such as this Ingogo example, is a way to reuse, refashion and repurpose existing inbound videos to a wider reaching (outbound) audience. Extending the life of your content, improves your marketing ROI.