On Camera Training

Video On Camera Training gives you everything you need (with minimal downtime) to connect to your audience and create a video with skills of a professional presenter.

Relax, conquer nerves and better connect with your audience

Busy executives should NOT be rehearsing infront of the mirror.

On Set Protocols

Understanding where to look, how to talk and why make-up and wardrobe choice impacts the video.


A teleprompter, can really assist you with a performance that’s conversational and convincing.


Learn intangibles like humour, empathy and energy, from an experienced director.

Best Videos Include All Of Our Video Services

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Camera training helps you express your personality and understand how to positively change the way your audience perceives you. Dramatically improve the perception of your personal brand, ensuring your performance is confident, authentic and well-rehearsed by learning specific skills that you can’t get from rehearsing on your own.

Best Videos Can Include Elements…

Create a video with advanced video presenter training required if performances have been longer than 6 months. This can really assist you in presenting an improved performance that’s both convincing and conversational.


How much does On Camera Training cost?
Camera training is bundled with our video production solutions and priced separately for team training. Our best videos use the professional video training.
How many hours for professional video training?
Unlike tv presenter courses video training takes between 1.5-2hrs. To create the best videos, you are required for training a few days before filming.
Where is On Camera Training located?
Camera training takes place in our fully equipped video studio or in the convenience of your office for an additional cost. This is not like tv presenter courses, as such professional video training usually takes place in a one-on-one environment.

“What a fantastice experience!… we got the right message… I think I want to switch careers now and be an actress ;)”

Rachel Dorman

Head Clinician, Shire Hearing Centres

“Their planning and scoping session helped us clarify what we were wanting to achieve and the on-camera training was so helpful.”

Matt Fitzpatrick

Franchise Specialist, Smartline

Learn How On Camera Training Can Help You!

Create a video for every marketing challenge and enquire about our video production services.

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