Video Analytics

Video Analytics allow you to prove the value of your web video initiatives by monitoring your business videos performance and gauging the contribution they’re making to your marketing.

It is hard to know the ROI of any marketing activity unless you are measuring the return from it.

As a result, you need to prove the value of your marketing video efforts using a video measurement system .

Engagement Data

Use the viewing engagement data as a decision-making tool for all improvements you want to make.

In-Depth Video Analytics

Use the video analytics system to track the exact proportion of your web video viewed.

Optimise Your Videos

See what was re-watched and what was the most interesting or relevant messages.

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video analytics and business video tools


Marketing is about ROI. Video analytics allows you to adapt and optimize your business video content accordingly.
Use video analytics to report to your board or CEO and directly correlate how the web video is adding value to the business.
Track performance across your entire video library using video analytics to measure your videos and ensure a consistent positive ROI.

Also Include…

Analytics continually monitor and track your business video library. Scheduled regular content audits to maintain a positive ROI for your videos.

Do all of your video solutions use video analytics?
Yes, every web video is hosted via Wistia on a powerful video measurement system using advanced video marketing statistics. This provides silky smooth video analytics to help you understand how your business video is working over time.

How do I measure analytics of my videos?
Video analytics are presented once your videos are produced. You will begin hosting via Wistia which helps to manage your video hosting. This includes face-to-face meeting to demonstrate how your videos are performing. You have full control over your video hosting and video measurement system.

When can I start seeing video marketing statistics?

Contact our Business Video Specialists. Once your videos are produced, we can start measuring usually between 3-6 months and help you understand the data.

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“They make sure I’m constantly relating back to my video marketing statistics and that I understand what is relevant and useful to my target audience (something all Australian businesses need at the moment).”

Bradley Attard

Sales Manager, SEO Premier

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