Video Implementation

Video Implementation allows you to easily display videos on your website using professional video hosting, analytics, and video marketing tools

Don’t get left holding a USB stick wondering what to do with your video

Video implementation helps you streamline video distribution using a dedicated business video hosting portal.

Video Hosting Tools

Share, display and completely customise the look and feel of your videos.


Customise Player

Change the player colour, thumbnails, closed captions, annotations and calls to action.

Capture Leads

Add an email collector to capture leads and increase engagement with your audience.

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video implementation


Video Implementation also provides crystal clear video that works on every device and changes the way your videos interact with the viewer. You can also customise the look and functionality of your player. Entice viewers to click and watch exactly what they need to journey to the next stage, from any device, just by using a well thought out video implementation process.

Also Include…

Video implementation will allow you to social share, display and create the look and feel of your videos. Change colours to align with your website or other web video production. Customise thumbnails, use closed captions and subtitles, annotations calls to action and even capture email leads from your web video production.

How much does video hosting like this cost?

When it comes to video implementation, one of the top video sites for professional hosting is Wistia. They are one of the top video distribution services for hosting because they’re specifically used for business. Ridge Films will help you with video implementation and to manage your videos, but you will own the account and web video production assets it holds.

What are the top video sites for hosting?
We use Wistia for its silky smooth player, quick video implementation and reliable video distribution. Video implementation can include other video hosting platforms such as YouTube and Vimeo.

Where else can I use my videos?

Contact our Video Marketing Specialists. They will help with video distribution and determining where your videos will live as part of the overall video marketing strategy.

“Ridge Films made the whole process of producing our videos smooth and stress free. We are thrilled with the results.”

Frances Edwards

Principal, Edwards Family lawyers

“Professional and amazing experience. I really appreciate the way Chris and the team handled a process and area that is out of my comfort zone.”

Scott Douglas

Director, Wealth Specialist, IMFG

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