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Corporate video production is simply the technical execution of your project plan. Therefore the actual production itself stays on time and budget while remaining professional and effective. Contact Us For A Video Production Company Sydney.

We pride ourselves on simple processes and a high-quality output

As a result, the filming and editing process is fun, relaxed and efficient.



The early stages of the technical production have been checked prior to filming.


Filming is available on location in the Ridge Films studio or in the convenience of your office.


Video Editing

Video editing includes multiple approval stages available for your feedback or amendments.

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video production company sydney

Benefits Of Video Production

The scheduling, scripting, training and experience of the video crew means you get more from your investment than just hiring a videographer. The video editing process has multiple stages of approval, which can be done at your desk or mobile device, making it easy for you to get exactly what you need.

Corporate Video Production Elements Can Include…

Schedule, Script, Shot list, Storyboard, Crew & Equipment, Locations, Cast, Voiceover, Production Design, Autocue, Wardrobe, Props, Set Dressing, Production Meetings, Make-Up, Motion Graphics, Music, Editing, Transcription, Language Translations, Closed Captions, Graphic Design, and Sound Recordists.

How much does corporate film production cost?
Video solutions start from $1500 up to tens of thousands. Compare your video quotes based on the value they add not on price.
What is the turn around time for a corporate video production?

If it’s video production company Sydney that you’re looking for, then on average, 2-6 weeks from when the project has been green-lit. Interstate maybe cost more will individual stand alone video services may cost less.

How do I get my corporate video production started?

Contact our Video Marketing Specialists. They will help you determine who does what based on a defined brief. Your corporate film production should always star with and strategic plan well before you think about switching on the camera.

corporate video production

“Chris, Brendan and the Ridge team made the filming process easy and removed the apprehension of being ‘on camera’ during filming.”

Angus Dockrill

Financial Planner, IMFG

“Innovative video strategy and production company that really challenge the way businesses use video.”

Rebecca Hanifin

Marketing Director, Financial Spectrum

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