Video Production Management

Video Production Management identifies in advance the key resources needed to deliver your videos within time and budget.

Steer the production toward meeting your expectations

Enjoy a film production process that is efficient, fun and relaxed using professional video production management.

Project Plan

Include all the technical aspects of the video project, no matter how large or small.

Steer The Production

Meet your expectations by informing key crew and personnel well before filming.

Outline Deliverables

Schedule complex video projects, by including multiple stages of approval along the way.

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Video Production Management Benefits

The professionals assigned to your project often share a lot of practical advice and video data which will begin the collaboration and contribute to the success of the production. The best video production companies follow a Video Production Management Plan that outlines key deliverable dates, references any dependencies and helps you manage the project from your end, such as timeframes and approvals for the following.

The Video Production Management Process Can Include…

· Script, Shot List and Storyboard
· Camera Crew Hire and Equipment Resourcing
· Location Site Surveys, Reconnaissance, Scouting, Releases
· Cast, Staff, Professional Presenter, Actor, Voiceover
· Production Design
· Wardrobe, Props, Set Dressing
· Production Meetings
· Existing Content Assets
· Style Guides and Brand Assets
· Legal, Regulation and/or Compliance
· Video Data and Project Archiving

Video Production Management
Is video project management included in all of your corporate video solutions?
Yes, our corporate video solutions include everything required for the production including video production management. Additional costs may apply if extras are needed such as locations, camera crew hire and talent.

How long does video production management take?

On average it takes 2-6 weeks to complete a video from when the project has been green-lit. All corporate video solutions include varying levels of management. For instance of you only require camera crew hire, then video production management is pretty simple.

What do I need to do and what's involved?

Contact our Video Marketing Specialists. They will help you determine who does what based on a defined brief. You choose to do as much or as little as you like during the film production process.

“Incredibly responsive to my last minute call for help and then provided a fabulous product… generous with his time and advised while shooting.”

Glenys Fogarty

Marketing and Communcations Director, Coffey A Tetra Tech Company

“Top level service in video marketing consultation and service. They guide you through the process with utmost professional results.”

Julia Fong

Business Manager, BrainBuilder

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