Video Script Writing

Video Script Writing formulates ideas, organises the message, and as importantly shapes the video production long before the camera is switched on.

Stay “on message”, making every word count and strip down confused wording

It’s extremely important to make your message as clean and clear as possible.

Transfer Knowledge

Transform a subject matter expert into an easy to watch and audience friendly video.


Conversational Language

Use a conversational language that draws from emotion and gets them to think, feel or do.


Gain Approval

Control what gets covered in the video and gain quick approval from stakeholders and legal teams.

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Video Script Writing


Video Script Writing provides a text-based description of your ‘video in the making’ and includes what is spoken, what the audience will see (like a written video storyboard) and any necessary information related to the story.


Improve communication and work faster using an online video script writing for better collaboration and to streamline revisions. It is important to consider developing a video script that appeals to the language of your audience and shows relevant visuals in a video storyboard, that supports your message.

How much does video script writing cost?
Video script writing is built into the cost of every video solution. While it does provide a clear black and white vision of the video, it’s sometimes necessary to include an additional video storyboard. Contact one of our Video Marketing Specialist, to help you get clarity on your video script writing.

How long should my video script be?
When video script writing, the information in the video must be made consumable to be effective, usually in a modular format, and typically less than 300 words. On average, 145 words should relate to 45 seconds of the videos screen time.
How do I get started? Do you have a script writing template?

Yes after we determine the brief and begin the project, we will provide the video script writing template. It’s important to fine-tune the tone and fix anything that sounds too improper, too robotic or unnecessary for the message you are trying to convey. Contact us for a template and to get started.

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Learn How Video Script Writing Can Help You!

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